An Artifact Mug celebrates who someone is amazing and unique. We capture their story, passions, interests, and best memories. The thought and effort that goes into creating this unique piece of art and function will genuinely communicate thankfulness and appreciation beyond words.

Please Note:


Mug production does not start until this form is completed.


The artist won’t use 100% of this information, but the more he has, the better the final artifact!


This a commissioned piece, therefore changes can’t be made after it is created by the artist.


Standard turnaround time is around 4 weeks.

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Ex: _________, I am beyond grateful for you and how you have poured into my life and the lives of so many. I wanted to honor you and for you to be reminded daily of your legacy, so I commissioned the artist from Artifact Mug to create a one of a kind piece of functional, usable art. Over the last 4 weeks, core pieces of your journey were carved into the clay and I hope as you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you are reminded of who you are, what matters most to you, and what you mean to me. With Gratitude,

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