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I’ve put together special pricing packages, exclusively for you. For people that want the book as a gift (for customers or for reps), I have special incentives as well for bulk orders. Email with any questions or to claim your incentive. Or, simply order thru Amazon and send us your receipt.
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John Ruhlin
“If you want to win the hearts and minds of influencers and finally capture your dream clients, then read, study and devour John’s book” Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy, author & former publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

“When I need something amazing for my customer or employee, and it has to be the best, I call John Ruhlin” Jeffrey Gitomer

New York Times best selling author of Little Red Book of Selling

“This man is master at showing appreciation, and a master at gift giving” Shep Hyken

Customer Experience Expert, 4 x New York Times Best Seller

“Whether in music, business or entertainment, it is always about relationships and how you treat those around you. Giftology combines street smart tactics with boardroom class to give you a roadmap on how to gift those that matter to your success.” Nelly

Entrepreneur, Investor & Rapper

“John Ruhlin is a force of nature in giving.  In Giftology, he packages his lightning in a fast moving and insightful book that’ll change the way you think about prospecting and marketing.”
Tim Sanders

Author, Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges


Package One: Become a Giftologist
Gifting isn’t just a mindset: it is a heartset. The giftology book will present this heartset in an entirely unique way from anything you’ve read before. This includes the tactical (step-by-step) workbook that Cutco sales reps, CSPs, District, and Division Managers can apply for world-class retention, referrals, sales, networking opportunities, and a better business.
Unsure if this can book can really benefit your business? Enter your email below to receive a (no-cost) 23 minute podcast where John talks about how he used radical gifting to have a 212,000 CPO sales week. Note: at the end of the interview, John gives out his email address. If you buy the book and don’t like it, he will (1) pay you back in full and (2) buy you a new book to make up for your wasted time. This is a man who understands a FOREVER GUARANTEE.


Package Two
A great package for sales managers. Teach the best CUTCO reps on your team how to take their business gift game to the next level. Included in this package are Business Gift Email Templates, Audio Recordings of Actual Business Gift Calls, and Relationship Action Plan Templates along with a Financial Advisor Webinar Templates.
A year long membership on “Designing Your Exceptional Life and Business.” John has partnered with the founders of Arete (and a group of world class leaders) for over 6 years to teach this academy. Access to first class thought leaders on core topics of Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Friendship. This program is normally $300 per year and recommended to any business person who wants to do more than work 24/7.


Your Investment: $499
Total Value: $925 


Package Three
  • 15 Minute Skype Call with John Ruhlin. Ask anything Format.
  • 3 Yearly Memberships Into Arete Network program
  • 5 spots for your top reps. Four Part Group Coaching Call with John Ruhlin. Calls will take place over the next 4 Months starting in September. Deep dive into Giftology and “my workbook” to build relationships and land deals as large as $150,000 CPO in detail. Special thought leader guests will be invited to share on call.

Your Investment: $1,999
Total Value: $5,950


Package Four
  • 15 Minute Skype Call with John Ruhlin. Ask anything Format.
  • 5 Spots for your top reps. Four Part Group Coaching Call. Calls will take place over the next 4 Months starting in September. Deep dive into Giftology and “my workbook” in detail. Special guests will be invited to share on the call.
  • Send you and 2 members of your team to Exclusive Utopian Tour & Mastermind Experience. Spend day in Ft Wayne Indiana with founder of Utopian and other top reps from around the country to see behind the scenes. We will spend half the day masterminding and will end the evening at world famous Farm to Fork restaurant Joseph Decuis. Airfare and Hotel not included.
  • 3 Arete Memberships
  • Custom hand signed copy of Galley Copy of Book. We hand made a limited number of these books and they are $300 a piece.

Your Investment: $3,998
Total Value: $9,750


Package Five

Option 1: Year Round Membership into Jon Berghoff and Hal Elrod Mastermind QLM “Quantum Leap Mastermind”. Change the books you read and the people you surround yourself with and you change your life. Get access to some of the best minds in the world as you submerge yourself into the training style and techniques that have made Jon and Hal famous. This exclusive group attracts world class attendees and is not to be stepped into lightly. Ask Angie McDougall for honest feedback and others that are currently in the program.

Option 2: Navy Seal & James Bond Training Camp with David Fabricius. Want to become a better father, husband, leader, and take a warrior mentality into all areas of life? David works with the world’s elite on how to become a full spectrum leader. I have personally been through the training and it is insanely valuable but difficult. Check out

Your Investment: $8,995
Total Value: $21,000


Package Six: “The Keynote Speaker”

Option one: All Day, One on One, Mastermind Session with John Ruhlin in St Louis

Option two: Have John Keynote In Your CityFly you and 2 other members of your team out to St Louis for an all-day brainstorming session. Attend Cardinals game. Tour Ruhlin Group Leather and Wood factory. Spend entire day and evening together. Hotel, Airfare and Food Are All Covered. OR I will cover flight and costs to come to you to spend the day masterminding with your team and deliver a 1 hour keynote at your meeting. My normal one hour keynote fee is $12,500 plus travel.

Your Investment: $12,990
Total Value: $24,000


Package Seven
You name the barter. Anything is on the table.

  • Want to golf with John Maxwell at Pebble Beach?
  • Attend the Oscars and hang out at Elton John’s exclusive party?
  • Want a behind scenes tour of Tesla? 
  • Go to the Super Bowl and meet your favorite player? 
  • Get married in the Vatican? 

As long as its legal, we can and will make it happen. Dream big gifts and share Giftology with your region.

Your Investment: TBD based upon “bucket list” item
Total Value: Priceless

Fine print: These are only for the paperback version of book, not digital. Question or to place orders of 25+ books please email