"If it's a waste of your time, I'll “gift” your next book."


Most people only value things when they have skin in the game so I am not giving it away on the front end. That’s why you have to front the purchase price. BUT, I am willing to put my money and my generosity where my mouth is.

If you can prove to me that you have actually read the book, I will give you ($1) more than your money back. AND if you hated the book and can honestly say you got nothing from it, then I will GIFT you the book of your choice for free. No strings attached.

It’s an investment that’s 100% upside on your part. How do you prove to me you’ve read the book?

Within the first three months of the official publication date, do these two things:


  1. Send me a copy of the receipt to iReadGiftology@gmail.comThere is a kindle version, hardback and a paperback and they cost different amounts. I need to know what you paid.
  2. Then chose one of the following to send together with the receipt:
  • You can write an honest review anywhere you want. Be honest.
  • You can take a photograph of yourself reading the book.
  • You can write me a testimonial or an email asking me questions that show you’ve read the book.


I don’t need to make money off Giftology.

The ideas in the book have already allowed me to build relationships with over 25 pro-sports teams like the Chicago Cubs and San Antonio Spurs, to speak at Google, and land deals I once thought impossible as a farm boy from Ohio.

What I really care about is that as many people as possible read this book and do something with it in their own life, even if I end up losing some money as a result.



Those that know me, know that I will follow through on this. If every single person who buys the book takes advantage of this opportunity, then I will lose money on it (since Amazon takes their cut). But I’ll be fired up because it means the message will spread and as my 5 year old daughter would say, “My daddy is helping people love on people.” Enough said.