John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneur on Fire

After being on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, John wanted to get JLD’s attention to be someone he loved, not just liked. As part of the podcast, John talked about his morning routine and mentioned spending time in the sauna every morning. The sauna was then mentioned several more times on the podcast. John Lee Dumas mentioned in passing that he would love to have a sauna, so John got to work brainstorming a crazy idea.

He started by sending a $50 wood postcard to John Lee Dumas saying that there is a sauna coming your way. John Lee Dumas called and said he lives in a 2 bedroom condo and had nowhere to put it. He asked if we could send it to his dad in Portland, Maine instead since it gets really cold there and his dad would have the room for it. Our team did, and John Lee Dumas became a hero with his dad. As a bonus, he also gets to use it when he goes home. Since then, John has been one of only a few guests invited back for a second appearance on the podcast.

Star Wars Themed Gift

For a client to shock & awe someone after an event John and his team coordinated a personalized gift for a budget of $900. The gift recipient was really into Star Wars. Gifts were selected for not only the recipient, but also for his mother, and son, and personalized with their names. The entire gift was themed around Star Wars, including the hand written note.

Text of the Note:

Dear Jedi Giovanni,

In a town far, far away, I attended an awesome event that helped me awaken the force within me. There are hardly words to articulate how grateful I am for you bringing me in to speak to the “Senate”.

Without people like you, there can be no balance in the force. As an artifact of my appreciation, I wanted to give the Jedi masters and your young Padawan something they can use nearly every single day and for years to come.

Sticking with something that is near and dear to my heart, I did. Do, or do not, there is no try with fine products like Cutco and Colonel Littleton.

When you feel as if you are navigating an asteroid field and the possibility is 3,720 to 1, please let me know if there is anything I can do to add value to your lives.

May the Force be with you,

Hal Elrod

Orlando Magic

After the Orlando Magic placed a small first order with the Ruhlin Group, John wanted to show his appreciation. He had a 50” huge cherry plaque custom designed and engraved with their logo and mission statement.

They loved it so much that they ordered 800 smaller scale versions to give to their 800 season ticket holders who had been with them over 20 consecutive years.

The plaque is the only piece of art hanging in their main lobby. When you walk in to meet with the executives it can be seen hanging behind the reception desk.