Giftology Workshops

with John Ruhlin

You have an operations plan, a financial plan, a marketing plan…

But do you have a written out plan on making sure your key employees, clients, suppliers, and partners feel the love, gratitude, and appreciation in ways that are different from your competitors?
STORM THE CASTLE: “Opening Doors With Your Dream 100 Clients”
If you haven’t read Chet Holmes’ masterpiece The Ultimate Sales Machine, this workshop picks up where that book left off. We look at best practices around drip campaigns and shock and awe programs but we amplify and put on steroids the basic ideas that made Chet a sales master. We help you identify your dream 100, get your sales and marketing team fully bought into what is needed to leverage a true shock and awe campaign, and lay out the sequence of world class gifts (no trinkets) and follow up sequences needed to go whale hunting and land the largest deals your company has ever seen.
I say my employees are my most important asset but am I really showing it. What do we really do that is different than other companies to show gratitude and appreciation to our people? Why do I need to do more than just pay them well? When does appreciation mean the most to the team? How much should I be investing in them? Who are the”hidden” employees that are often neglected? How do I measure the impact?
Everyone knows it is easier and less costly to keep a good client than it is to bring on a new customer but does my allocation of resources and appreciation show this reality? Who are the 10, 50, 100, or 1000 key external relationships that make up the core of my company? What suppliers are crucial to my company’s success and what would happen if they went away? Who are the center’s of influence and media that can affect deals and perception in our industry? What can we do to inspire referrals to happen on a consistent basis? What would happen if each time someone left a core client, they brought us along with them? Who are the mentors, board of directors, and other key people that have helped our company thrive and grow and what are we doing to acknowledge that in a meaningful way?
ON-BOARDING CLIENTS: “First 100 Days Strategy”
Almost every organization thinks they provide a great customer experience (in some studies, as many as 80% believe this), but if you ask their clients, they don’t feel the same way (the same study showed only 8% agreed). Every person at a company has to take ownership for the customer experience and the time most critical is the first 100 days. Countless studies show the onboarding of clients is the critical time when a client determines if they will stay with you long term. If you can nail the first 100 days, you can go from constant client turnover to having ravings fans as clients. We walk you and your entire team through the 6 key touchpoints that matter the most in the first 100 days and how to execute them the best for your industry.

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