Your #1 Mistake:

You Aren’t Perpetuating Your Best Referral Givers

Here’s What That Means…

The people giving you referrals could be giving you a LOT MORE (if you energize and communicate correctly)!

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I’m Sara Hardwick,GIFT∙OLOGY’s community relationship strategist.

Based on the information you’ve shared (and the little I know about your situation), the #1 mistake limiting your true referral potential is:

You aren’t perpetuating your best referral givers

You are getting referrals. Great job! But they’re sporadic, and repeat partners are scarce. Most of your referrals come from recent business, which means you’re being forgotten over time. However, by implementing a structured relationship process, you’ll be top-of-mind AND top-of-heart. Imagine a 3x boost in referrals just by nurturing the relationships you already have!

Complete Breakdown:

“Why does this challenge occur?”
Oftentimes because of unexpressed gratitude. Referrals can arrive in the middle of a busy day, leading to forgotten follow-up with the giver. But even if you’re thankful, you may not be meeting your referrers’ silent expectations. You’re not the only professional they’re helping. And if your gestures are unremarkable, it will dampen their future efforts. The good news? This is easily fixed with a do-it-yourself GIFTOLOGY system – even in regulated or low-margin industries.

“What behaviors or experiences mark this challenge?”
This may show up as a lack of repeat referrals from your top sources. Or you may be receiving B-minus referrals, instead of A-pluses. Tracking and maintaining contact with referrers may also be a struggle, as is keeping them enthusiastic when their referrals, while always appreciated, simply aren’t a fit.

“What’s a major pitfall for people at this stage?”
The #1 bad habit is NOT implementing a system to stay top-of-mind with referral givers. If such a system DOES exist, it might be making your relationships transactional. Reward systems are hit-or-miss (often miss) with new partners, whose top priority is helping people they care about. Many leaders wrongly prioritize incentives over communication, leading to apathetic results.

“What if this mistake isn’t fixed?”
If left unchecked, this mistake can trap you in a cycle of replacing rather than accumulating referral partners (hamster wheel vs relationship snowball). This creates a plateau, where you struggle to break through a particular income or revenue ceiling. There’s a regular feeling of ‘starting back at zero.’ At worse, the business becomes reliant on erratic lead generation, jeopardizing long-term sustainability.

3 Immediate Action Steps:

#1. Make a list of everyone you can think of that has given you a referral in the past year.

#2. Distinguish these individuals on the basis of (1) quantity, (2) whether or not the referrals resulted in a sale, and (3) approximate deal size(s).

#3.Develop three, different ‘gratitude buckets’ (good, better, best) for the individuals above. The buckets can include gifts or not, given your industry regulations.

As a resource for our community, we have the Do-It-Yourself gift catalog, searchable by price, occasion, and a variety of other dimensions.
(We call it the GIFToLOGy…get it, GIFTOLOGY. GIFT LOG (: And it has everything from unique note stationary, our favorite Etsy shops, and input from our MVP community members.)

Go Even Deeper:

Is building a complete, top-to-bottom, referral system your next big move?

Being straightforward here: we have a step-by-step course tailored to this very topic.

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Regardless if you join the R.I.C.H Relationship Society or not – I want to help you win! I want to GIVE! And there’s nothing I have that’s more valuable than my time. And yours.

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