Your #1 Mistake:

Your Process Is Sporadic, Not Operationalized

Here’s What That Means…

Your relationship system has not been broken down into weekly, step-by-step checklists for easy execution (and maintenance!)

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I’m Sara Hardwick,GIFT∙OLOGY’s community relationship strategist.

Based on the information you’ve shared (and the little I know about your situation), the #1 mistake limiting your true referral potential is:

Your process is sporadic, not operationalized

For many, relationship building is instinctual, but inconsistent. As business scales, this instinct turns into tunnel vision, leaving important relationships on the back burner. And team members have a hard time replicating the success of their charismatic leader. The solution? Step-by-step checklists that tier partnerships and prioritize resources. Imagine a process that is both fun AND elevates relationships to their peak potential!

Complete Breakdown:

“Why does this challenge occur?”
Oftentimes it’s a lack of protocol. Instead of relying on checklists and systems, charismatic leaders lean on instinct and memory. So as the business expands, relationships stretch thin. We’ve all known brands or professionals that have lost their special touch as they grew. The good news? It is 100% possible to scale relationships as the business expands. Shouldn’t success enhance, rather than harm, your best connections?

“What behaviors or experiences mark this challenge?”
This may show up in your life as an inconsistent relational effort. Leaders in this stage are reactive, playing whack-a-mole, and losing sight of commitments and opportunities. Without a process, maintaining consistent appreciation and connection with referral givers becomes impossible. It’s not a lack of desire. It’s a lack of time and bandwidth.

“What’s a major pitfall for people at this stage?”
The #1 bad habit is inconsistency. Operations should include calendarizing relational efforts, with a variety of ways to demonstrate value. If you’re not top-of-mind for power players, you’ll miss business (and potentially life-changing) opportunities. Even worse? You won’t even know it.

“What if this mistake isn’t fixed?”
If left unchecked, the leader builds themselves a day job. Rather than creating exponential opportunities, you spend your days on the frontline, working IN the business, not ON. A more structured process could fuel organic growth at every level of the organization. Would you prefer to be the business’s growth engine? Or run an organization that grows on its own?

3 Systems to Implement Immediately:

Systems #1. Referral partner givers – people who give referrals. Exactly what to do before they close and after they close.

Systems #2.  Partner prospects – individuals in your network or in shoulder industries that you are energizing to become an official partner.

Systems #3. Referral partners ‘in waiting’ – we call this ‘the runway.’ These people have expressed interest in working together, but no business has been exchanged yet.

As a resource for our community, we have step-by-step checklists for each of these systems. This includes criteria on which system to execute first, execute second, etc.
(We find it’s NOT necessary to do every item on each checklist, every week. But it IS necessary to be efficient so this does not become a time suck.)

Go Even Deeper:

Is building a complete, top-to-bottom, referral system your next big move?

Being straightforward here: we have a step-by-step course tailored to this very topic.

But let’s book a call to chat more about your results and get your questions answered. And I’ll even GIVE you some proprietary information from the PAID membership community, tailored to your business and relationship needs.

And then, if you want, I’ll give you the details of our membership.
(In my experience, I think you’ll want ‘em. But it’s up to you – no pressure!)

Regardless if you join the R.I.C.H Relationship Society or not – I want to help you win! I want to GIVE! And there’s nothing I have that’s more valuable than my time. And yours.

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