VIP Concierge

What is Giftology Concierge?

It is an on-demand gifting service. A leader in your organization will send a text message or an email to their personal GIFT∙OLOGIST, who will then perform all the admin work of executing the gift: ordering, engraving/personalization, wrapping, and the handwritten note.

100% on demand, 24/7, 365.

The concierge service is for leadership teams and sales teams that want to incorporate gift marketing as part of a round-the-clock, brand-building, relationship strategy.


Sign-ups are annual. Once you sign-up, you will be given an email and cell phone number for your personal gifting concierge. Although they are virtual, treat this person like you would any other team member. Put this person to work day-or-night by communicating:

  • Recipient’s name and address – include the spouse’s name for extra personalization.
  • Occasion – this way we can customize the handwritten notes.

Which of the pre-selected gifts you wish to send.

We will use the credit card on file every time a gift is requested (like a bar tab). When communication is received, we will process the card the pre-arranged cost of the gift, and get the artifact ordered within 48 hours. We know that time is of the essence, so we work as quickly as possible (often within 1-2 hours of receiving an order) so a personalized, handcrafted, best-in-class, quality artifact can arrive fast.

This service is for business leaders who believe in purchasing high-quality gifts as a means of standing-out, gaining access, and proving that they should be taken seriously in the marketplace.

This service is not for business leaders with no gifting budget, who believe their personal
and professional brand would be better represented with gift cards, alcohol, or (literally)
cheesy gift baskets.

Note: Annual fee is for the concierge service and does not include the cost of gifts. There are no minimum or maximum number of gits to send. Use the service however, and whenever you like.

Select the appropriate option below and enter in your desired number of users as the quantity.

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Note: LPS clients are entitled to 3 users for the price of one ($2,500 per year). All users must use the same credit card on file when requesting gifts.


Setting up a gift marketing system internally can be extremely challenging. If even one detail is missed, a simple “thanks for meeting with me” gift can go from “thoughtful gesture” to “perceived bribe.”

Of course all the details can be learned by engaging with the GIFT∙OLOGY team, creating a successful first campaign, and diving wholeheartedly into our playbook. But even then, most companies are not properly staffed to execute this plan at the full scale of their organization. It’s the same reason many companies hire a marketing agency (often times on a 4 or 5-figure monthly retainer) to engage their creative services.

Many clients have suggested to us: “It would be great if you could just take this off my plate so I didn’t have to think about it.”

And poof. The concierge service was born.


There are four primary circumstances that often necessitate on-demand gifting:



Such as birthdays or anniversaries. Imagine: a VIP employee or client has a birthday in the next ten days. You initiate a high-quality (family heirloom type) gift simply by sending a text message to your concierge GIFT∙OLOGIST. The process takes less than 90 seconds.


Maybe not the same old weekly staff meeting. But if people are going to be
traveling to a quarterly (or annual) meeting, a practical luxury gift can make your event



After a first-or-second meeting with a client or circle-of-influence. A gift given at this point in the relationship with no ASK and no expectation of reciprocity will speak volumes about yourself and your brand – especially when you include their inner
circle (spouse or assistant).



Get the business relationship started off strong by creating a personal connection with a well-timed, personalized, best-in-class gift. When your second impressions are as world class as your first? Your client relationships will become affair-proof.

The concierge service can also be used for holidays. However, given that holidays fall on the same (predictable) date every year? And that they typically involve gifting a greater volume and wider variety of clients and employees? We recommend planning-in-advance and taking a more strategic approach.