9 Marketing Gift Ideas that Have a High ROI

Promotional products are practical marketing tools for firms for a variety of reasons. They lead to the development of brand recognition, sales, consumer loyalty, and long-term brand exposure. 

 But how do you know your promotional materials are getting you the most out of your buck, though? What should you do to ensure that your ROI is optimized and getting a good return on investment?

 We’re going to answer all your queries and inspections in our article. We will also give you a list of customer gift ideas and their importance to retain employee satisfaction and promote your brand.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

The psychological effect of a gift has a high association with its impact on the recipient. If you’ve ever received an unexpected gift or surprise (in person or via mail), you’ve witnessed this concept in action.

 Gifts are intended to strengthen personal bonds between clients, consumers, and employees while affirming commercial partnerships.

 According to Promotional Products Association International, gift-giving has been shown to boost business activity and increase ROI (return on investment).

 Here we have listed four key points to emphasize the importance of corporate branding in a broader but simpler sense.

a. Valuing Recipients

There’s only one thing that will impact your company more than anything, And that is having individuals who feel underappreciated, both employees and customers.

 Clients who feel devalued are more prone to seek businesses that value them. Employees who feel undervalued are also more likely to become depressed and less productive.

 In the worst-case scenario, employee turnover may increase as employees seek out alternative work situations where they feel respected and valued.

 While having managers and supervisors who express their gratitude directly is beneficial, a well-timed corporate gift reminds employees that they are held dear and respected by the firm overall. 

b. Creating Positive Work Culture

Regular corporate presents, given to top performers or just as a thank you to industrious staff, is a big step toward fostering a healthy work atmosphere.

 Even better, the more favorable the workplace culture, the more likely people will like showing up for work and create higher-quality work while they are there. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone!

c. Building Strong Relationship

If you only contact a client on billing days, you won’t have a good working rapport with them.

 You’ll have a much deeper bond with your clientele if you emphasize creating a solid connection with them by staying in frequent touch and expressing your gratitude for them with gift items over the year.

 As a result, they’ll be much more apt to want to keep that relationship going in the long run – which implies that it’ll be not just a healthier relationship but also a more profitable investment!

d. Standing Out Among Competitors

Maintaining a competitive lead in your industry is more crucial than ever in today’s environment, with more and more new businesses surfacing every day.

 Even so, if anyone out there offers better service, product, and experience, it’ll only be a question of time until your customers consider shifting service providers.

 One of the many ways to set your company apart from the market is to provide frequent corporate gifts to your clients. This not only demonstrates that you’re a company that cares about its consumers, but it also indicates that you’re prepared to go far beyond to keep them happy.

What Makes Gifting Better than Incentives?

Here’s the thing. Incentives are great and all, but they often create unhealthy competition within the workplace. Moreover, giving an employee an incentive can only induce a temporary feeling of satisfaction.

On the other hand, gifting something practical and valuable can have a long-standing effect on the recipient. Every time the recipient uses your gift, they will think of you, which, in turn, will create a positive image of you in their mind. 

The 7 Key Ingredients to a Successful Corporate Gifting Strategy

Providing corporate gifts to customers, workers, and clients is an effective way to improve your company’s growth and development. But what can make your strategy more successful?

Let’s find out as we state the 7 key ingredients to a successful gifting strategy for businesses.

1. Practical

Make sure your present is beneficial to the recipient. A gift that can be used daily (or at least 3-5 times a week) is unquestionably more valuable than a fancy item that practically has no use.

2. Personalized

To stand out from the crowd, offer your gift in person, along with a customized message describing why you chose the item and why you felt they would enjoy it.

3. Best-in-class

It’s a gift. You absolutely can not compromise the quality in any way. So, try getting a product of the highest quality within your budget. Longevity should be your topmost priority in this case.

4. Luxury

To find an appropriate gift for customers, browse their social accounts to determine their interests and hobbies. Perhaps get them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate a lot if given to them.

5. Handwritten Notes

Don’t underestimate the value of personalizing your message by hand-delivering it or penning a handwritten note clarifying your intentions. Notes are always a way to add a special touch to anything.

6. Including Inner Circle

Another point to remember when you’re giving a gift is how you can make it useful for the recipient’s family. Try to be thoughtful and maybe listen to what they say.  

7. Continuing Theme

Try to create a theme or pattern with your gifts. In this way, you can make sure that the customers are looking forward to getting your gift. Multiple gifts can snowball an emotional impact on the customers.

 Sending a marketing gift is a beautiful method to soar above the digital noise your clients are flooded with regularly, regardless of what marketing gift you pick or what sector you’re in.

Why You Should Include Current Customers in Your Corporate Gifting Strategy

Aside from prospecting, corporate gifting is an excellent approach to increasing your connections with your existing customer base.

 Appreciated clients become repeat customers or even brand ambassadors, spreading the message about the quality of your service or product.

 A well-timed gift can also benefit clients. It can reassure customers that their presence is cherished, urge them to retain their service or become brand ambassadors, and put your firm back to the forefront of their minds if they haven’t heard from you in a while.

 According to a retail survey, consumers who have an emotional bond to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. It generates a cycle of loyalty, advocacy, and recruitment that can help you build your pipeline without having to increase your cold prospecting attempts.

For both inbound and outbound prospecting, there are two methods of contacting potential customers:

  •  The inbound prospecting process works by attracting customers to you through advertising or by providing relevant and appealing web or social media material.
  • Outbound prospecting entails contacting potential customers who (based on thorough research) might be interested in your product or service.


Incorporating gifts into your prospecting efforts can improve the overall efficacy of your marketing in both techniques. This is owing to the significant social and psychological consequences of getting a gift, even if the gift is linked to a particular goal.

 The method you use for prospecting gifts is partly determined by the approach you’re applying.

9 Marketing Gift Ideas

To make things easier, we have listed our favorite customer gift ideas for marketing your business. 

 1.    Personalized Bottles

Let us just admit this: we all have too many leaky water bottles and unnecessary fruit infusers. But nothing beats getting a water bottle you’ll use.

Consider gifting a high-quality bottle. You can also engrave the recipient’s name on the body of the bottle for a unique touch.

2.    Virtual Experiences

Give the gift of a virtual experience to someone you care about!  People will always be able to think back fondly on the experiences they’ve shared with their family and friends.  And if you’re the one who contributed to that experience, you will be forever in their heart – giving you an advantage to win their business.

There are numerous companies that offer virtual experiences that can blow your team’s socks off.  Everything from appreciation dinners to zoom trivia and more.  Contact us 1 on one for recommendations.

 3.    Cutlery

Cutlery are an amazing gift because the recipient will absolutely use them on a daily basis, causing the recipient to think of you and your business daily.

Even better, a nice set of cutlery will be used by everyone in the household, turning your prospects family into your biggest advocates.

4. Beer/Wine Kit

Allow your clients’ beer connoisseurs to create their own concoctions. Add their logo to create a company-branded pint glasses to boost the stakes. Some might also prefer wine, so try getting the best wine possible in the market and give your client an elegant experience.

5. Notebook

We don’t recommend sending clients a five-foot stack of company-branded post-its from your stock room.

Make a beautiful leather-bound notebook in your company’s color schemes or with a modest emblem on the front cover. This gift idea falls within the practical category since it always comes in handy for people belonging to any profession.

6.    Succulent plants or Terrarium

These fashionable desk accents will brighten your client’s day and show them the progress you can make together.

Furthermore, succulents and air plants don’t require much water or care, so they’ll last for years. Want to make things even simpler? Order a lifelike artificial flower arrangement that anyone would simply adore. 

 7.    Luggage

A nice set of luggage is a bit pricey, but it will definitely help you stand out in a sea of sameness.  Your top prospects are getting solicited hundreds of times per day.  A nice set of personalized luggage can be a big part of an overall gifting program.  You can start with a personalized bag, then move into a carry-on bag, then finish up with the big piece of luggage.  Every time the recipient travels, they will think fondly of you and your business.

8.    Personalized Pen

Everyone has their favorite pen.  It’s the one that write’s incredibly smooth, fits perfectly in their hand, and has a bit of weight to it.  You can buy your VIP their new favorite pen and personalize it with their company logo or a nice inscription telling them how much you appreciate them.

And the best part about it is they will use that pen every single day.  And they will think of you fondly every time they use it. 

9.    Calendar

Design company-branded calendars with the help of business professionals, or use Etsy to uncover one-of-a-kind calendars that your clients will love using at their next industry conference.

If you’re printing a calendar design, take it to a local printer and have it printed on high-quality paper for a professional look.


Final Words

The key to right gifting is taking the time to know what your recipient would love. Get to know your clients better, and you can find out what the best gift for them will be.

 Also, don’t save your gifts till the holidays. Throughout the year, send mementos of goodwill.

 Gifts are supposed to remind your clients that you care about their company throughout the year, not just when it’s time for Christmas or yearly evaluation.

 Send an “off-season” gift today, and maybe you’ll get a few referrals in return.

The best thing about marketing presents is that you can develop relevant, insightful, and strategic customer gift ideas for practically any industry; all you have to do is be creative!

 Smart marketers will choose products that can be used in high-traffic areas, bringing many different eyes to their branded gifts. This method will increase the return on investment of your promotional materials. It also allows you to use resources that are already available.

 Consider providing any of these items to your employees and team members to help kick off your brand awareness initiatives.

 We, at, Giftology, help you reach your ROI through a comprehensive gifting strategy. Sign up today and witness the power of corporate gifting!