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Two pathetic stats about gifting (RANT)

I had two stats come across my screen recently.

The statisticians studied these from a personal gifting standpoint.

But the takeaways are going to be 100% relevant for us Giftologists as well.

Warning: rant incoming.

Obsession with cheap (don’t let this be you)

One of my team members was telling me the other day about his family’s (of four) grocery budget.

“About a grand a month.”

Whoa. That’s high even for Ruhlin standards.

Must be eating organic produce, sprayed with organic pesticides, in organic dirt.

Tony Soprano. Boss Gift·ologist.

I caught half an episode of THE SOPRANOS the other day…


The late (and great) James Gandolfini simply made that show.

Mob boss, sociopath, and iconic robe-wearer in the middle of a midlife crisis.

The Bud Fox guide to gifting elephants

Howdy there, fellow Giftologist.

So lots of talk lately in the ol’ blog about strategic gifting to influencers.

I’ve had one or two sales pros reach out and ask about the differences between wooing a media influencer… and wooing a dream client.