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How to get endorsed by influencers (simple)

One of the questions I ask everybody who signs up for my email list is:

“What do I need to write about to make your day?”

I got a request the other day that I think many freelancers / part time gig / small business owners can relate to.

Nobody cares that MONOPOLY was stolen.

Did you know the original version of Monopoly was meant to show the evils of Capitalism?

Did you know that the inventor sold her Monopoly patent for a measily $500?

And that the buyer made truckloads of millions while she walked away with nothing??

The moment I became a super connector…

One of my most favorite compliments I’ve ever received was:

“John! You have the sexiest elbows!”

(Sophomore English class. Long story.)

But a *close* second would have to be:

“John… you are a SUPER connector.”

You Will Sleep When You’re Dead.


Almost half the population reports feeling more stressed than last year.

This is according to the American Psychological Association, who conducted a three year *INTERNATIONAL* survey. Meaning: the problem is totally worldwide.

Check the percentage of peeps that reported an increase in stress: