You must distinguish yourself from the competition if you want to impress your clientele. One way to do that is by impressing them with your luxury corporate gifts. This is always an effective approach since it allows firms to appeal to customers and capture their attention without asking anything in return. And, more often than not, clients feel compelled to return the favor.

Luxury corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your loyal business associates, employees, or clients while also standing out from the crowd. Luxury Corporate Gifts are typically pricey and showy, but they can also instill confidence about your company in the minds of your VIPs.

So, a luxury gift is a must-have gesture in your marketing strategy, whether you want to impress a new client, establish lasting connections and relationships with loyal client’s or appreciate a long-time employee.

Luxury presents appeal to a wide range of tastes, but when it comes to gift-giving, it’s all about the recipient’s personality. Here are 17 luxury corporate gift ideas to demonstrate your gratitude to your VIPs, whether the receiver is an employee, a traveler, a food enthusiast, photographer, or a long-time client of the company:

1. Beautifully Designed Cutlery

There are few gifts that can have the lasting impact that a beautifully designed set of cutlery can have.

First, cutlery are used every single day.  And every time your recipient uses your gift, they will think of you fondly.

Second, they will be used by everyone in the entire house.  Their spouse will become your greatest sales advocate.

And finally, you can personalize the cutlery with a nice engraving.

2. Business Bag

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

For the discerning professional with refined taste, a business bag made of the highest quality leather is the ideal luxury corporate gift. Choose a bag made by expert artisans from the finest tanned leather to ensure that it will be a year-round staple in the VIP’s wardrobe.

When the receiver realizes how practical and well-made their elegant business bag is, they are bound to remember you and your company.

3. Engraved Pen

A luxurious pen epitomizes class and functionality. And how can you improve an already fantastic present? By adding a personalized engraving to make your VIPs feel special.

Choose a pen that combines jewelry-like artistry with the functionality of a writing instrument to make for the perfect luxury corporate gift. Add your recipient’s name and a unique message carefully engraved on the pen to make this quality present into a treasured heirloom.

Such a unique executive gift will be perfect for retirements, anniversaries, and other occasions. Besides, when the VIPs are signing contracts with your luxury corporate gift, they are sure to return the favor of gratitude.

4. Work From Home Gift Box

A tailored gift box is the ideal modern luxury business gift, especially as more and more employees today work from home. A work from home gift box can be made up of a deliberate mix of products that create an office setting right at home while also being practical for teleworking.

Choose from headphones, foldable lap desks, high-definition webcams, pen sets, screen wipes, and more for the contents. Any receiver who works from home will appreciate such a gift box.

And when they can spruce up the mundane work at home experience with your gift, your name will be etched in your VIP’s mind.

5. Golf Bag

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

A fantastic game is something a devoted golfer looks forward to, no matter what season of the year it is. For your VIP executives and top-tier clients, there are a variety of stylish golf accessories and collectibles to send as luxury corporate gifts. These are also appropriate prizes to give away at corporate golf tournaments.

Such luxurious sets come with professionally curated accessories and equipment to help the recipient achieve optimal performance and take their golf experience to the next level. The pleasure of this sport can only be amplified by your thoughtful and curious present, which is sure to earn you a special spot in the VIP’s books.

6. Headphones

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

A nice set of noise-canceling headphones makes for luxury corporate gifts that serve to drown out the outside world’s noise and offer your VIPs the calm they need to focus on their jobs.

Furthermore, in today’s work from home setting, the importance of a good pair of headphones cannot be overstated. When you send high-quality headphones as a luxury corporate gift, the recipient will think of you every time they use them for online meetings or to shut out office noise so they can focus on their work.

7. Subscriptions

Getting your VIPs a subscription to a learning platform, monthly gift box, or a streaming service might be a gift that keeps on giving, especially in the pandemic where everyone spends more time at home.

Instead of instantly devoured snacks or worthless trinkets, give your recipients an experience they will never forget with a thoughtful subscription. You can present your VIPs a subscription to self-development platforms like SkillShare, Masterclass, Coursera, or Udemy so they can improve their cooking, photography, or software development talents.

Furthermore, while streaming platform subscriptions are always an option, getting your VIPs subscribed to monthly gift boxes can offer them a wide range of items, including tailored snacks, coffee and tea blends, wine and brewing kits, pet supplies, and even high-end toiletries and perfumes.

If you’re looking for a great subscription gifting service, our team uses and recommends PK’s Gift Closet.  The founder sends you high-quality gifts for your gift closet.  That way you’re never caught without something to give to a VIP.

8. Bluetooth Speakers

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If your VIP is an audiophile, they are sure to appreciate Bluetooth speakers. These gadgets help VIPs in various ways, including playing music or plugging in a microphone to make announcements.

With a variety of well-known brands and price ranges to select from, a Bluetooth speaker thus makes for an incredibly practical and portable luxury corporate gift for your VIPs.

9. E-readers

Photo by Perfecto Capucine from Pexels

Many business leaders and professionals read regularly. If your VIP is a voracious reader, an E-reader will allow them to carry all of their reading material with them wherever they go.

On the commute, in between meetings, or during leisurely reading hours at home, recipients are sure to feel grateful for such a useful and portable luxury corporate gift.

10. Drinking Set

Photo by Kenneth from Pexels

A bottle of wine from a reputable vineyard or a glass of sparkling champagne screams luxury and celebration. Send your VIPs a high-end set of drinking accessories to go with top-tier wine or champagne bottles to create a real impression and establish a sense of richness with your luxury corporate gift.

Include accessories like bottle openers, aerators, or crystal drinking ware with your wine or champagne sets for a luxurious gift. This type of gift, which comes with stylish, functional accessories, is a terrific method to remind recipients of your business while they sip their beverages.

And if the recipient is a beer enthusiast, surprise them with a brewing kit to concoct their brews. Despite their choice of drink, when the VIPs get to show off their unique and luxurious drinking sets to guests, they are sure to feel thankful for your present.

11. Luggage

By providing a high-end luggage to professionals who frequently travel for business trips and conferences, you can become an integral part of their travel experience. You can start with a carry-on bag, then move into a small piece to stow away, and complete the set with the large bag that gets checked.

Luggage is a terrific addition to your luxury corporate gift ideas because it gives you a viable excuse to reach out to your recipient multiple times in order to complete the set.

12. Projector

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

A portable and high-quality projector not only looks excellent during presentations but also makes for a fun movie night, so your VIPs will get a lot of use out of it if you send it as a luxury corporate gift.

A projector is compatible with most devices and gadgets to give HD projection anywhere. So, your VIP can tuck it in their bags and briefcases without much hassle.

13. Air Drone

Drones are excellent luxury gift ideas if your VIP is into photography or simply enjoys cutting-edge technology. A drone will allow the recipient live their high-definition aerial photography and cinematography goals

As a result, when the VIPs use their drone to create extraordinary quality marketing content or home movies, they will undoubtedly think of your name with gratitude.

14. Camera

Photo by FOX from Pexels

If the VIP prefers traditional photography, a high-end traditional camera may be preferable to a drone. A GoPro or high-resolution camcorder can be an adventure-friendly, professional-quality companion for your recipient to capture high-resolution footage.

These gadgets also allow for 360-degree footage and straight-on views, ideal for stills, panoramas, and video. So, when your VIP goes on their next picture shoot, having your present with them will ensure that they remember your business for a long time.

15. Espresso Machine 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Luxury corporate presents frequently include artisan espresso machines. Choose a model that meets all of your VIP’s needs in terms of features and functionality.

Most high-end machines include built-in grinder mechanisms that quickly transform beans into espresso, much to your VIP’s delight.

These machines can be installed at home or work – helping your VIPs skip coffee runs while thanking you with each sip of their espresso.

16. Coffee or Tea Blends

If you’re giving a coffee maker a luxury corporate gift, there’s no better way to complement it than with a classic coffee mix. Apart from delivering the finest blends in one box to your VIPs, these delectable presents also include engraved mugs and coasters, as well as brewing tools and additional goodies to complement the drink.

Tea tins or tea caddies can also be a great business present if the recipient prefers tea. With a warm, delectable beverage in their hands, such luxury corporate gifts are sure to make your VIPs happy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas for VIPs

1. What kind of luxury corporate gift is right for a VIP?

You will virtually always give a VIP the best-in-class gift that they can use 3-5 times a week. The goal, however, is to ensure that the gift generates at least a marginal return on investment.

For splurges in hundreds, there should be a potential ROI in thousands throughout the client’s engagement with you.

2. What are some good luxury corporate gift ideas in 2021?

The hybrid workplace trend of working part-time in the office and from home is reflected in some of the greatest luxury corporate gift ideas for 2021. However, the gift does not have to be tied to work.

Luxury business presents could include work-at-home gift boxes, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, gift cards, or year-long subscriptions.

3. What should be included in a luxury corporate gift box for VIPs?

Always make sure you include a personal note within your gift box. It adds a warm and personal touch to your gift, which your VIP is sure to appreciate. Any recipient will be impressed if the presents are thoughtful, functional, and of high quality.

4. How much should be spent on luxury corporate gifts for VIPs?

High-end presents can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, the most crucial aspect of luxury corporate gifts for VIPs is considering the gift’s utility and prospective ROI.