International (and virtual) keynote speaker.
Drive culture, retain clients, and turn gifting
into a marketing system.



International (and virtual) keynote speaker.
Drive culture, retain clients, and turn gifting
into a marketing system.

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Winning Hearts In A Season Of Social Distancing 

How do you show up in a powerful way when everyone is in panic and pulling back? 

Fact: times of uncertainty turn up the volume of your relationships. Clients, suppliers, and employees will always remember who had their backs in times of crisis.

John’s “against the grain” message teaches how to build out a relationship and loyalty action plan to survive a downturn.

But more importantly? How to position your company to rebound, recover, and thrive in “the new normal.” A virtual founder of a decade old, multimillion dollar company, John is well-positioned to help other business leaders in a time of lockdown. 

The Gift•ology Marketing System will leave your recipients speechless. Gain access, close new deals, and retain VIPs forever. No more strings-attached, tone deaf, ABC (Anniversaries, Birthday, Christmas) gifting. 

In this season of physical separation,bring people closer to you than ever before. As “experts” prognosticate about the future, here’s a prediction you can bet on – relationships matter now more than ever.

John Ruhlin Helps
Leaders Leverage Gratitude

Today John and his team have created gift packages for some of the largest companies and pro sports teams in the world but their mission and heart is to serve and take relationships for mid-sized, privately owned companies to new level using their Proven Process.


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Radical generosity is the against-the-grain secret weapon of real influencers, and it will allow you to boost referrals, retention rates, and ROI like few other strategies. But be warned, gifts with strings attached backfire.

There is a right, and wrong, way to give.
John Ruhlin has gifted on behalf of everyone from Forbes Magazine to the Fortune 500 and his tactics lead to appreciative responses and wide-open check books.

Through poignant personal stories and data-backed evidence, Ruhlin breaks down how anyone-from mail clerk to managing director-can master the magic of Giftology with these and more:

  • Mastering reciprocity, the hidden bottom line booster
  • Laser-targeting whom to give a gift and when to use thrift
  • Uncovering your client’s inner circle and becoming part of it

Give wholeheartedly to Giftology and reap the rewards of an expanding business and fruitful relationships, professional and personal alike.

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