What are we excited about in 2024??

Many things!!

  • First-time agency clients – welcome to year one, friends!
  • Multi-year agency clients – 2024 will be THE best yet. (!!)
  • New gift campaigns, to drop jaws & knock-off-socks.

(‘Agency clients’ = people who pay us to help manage their relationships.)

(Aka, our very favorites and very best friends. :-) )

And what we’re excited about For NON-agency clients…

Empowering 1,000 business leaders to build R.I.C.H. relationships:

  • Identifying, qualifying, and energizing needle-moving VIPs.
  • Installing your own process, regardless of resources or industry.
  • Harnessing the right communication at the right moment.
  • Growing the bottom-line (BIG TIME) thru referral systems.
  • And lessening dependency on traditional marketing.

STEP 1: we are transitioning the GIFT & GROW SOCIETY to a new platform.

After 3 years, we are leaving our old software provider. And moving to a place with more horsepower.

“What’s the GIFT & GROW SOCIETY?”

GIFT & GROW SOCIETY was a digital community experiment, started by Sara Hardwick, in January 2021. At the time, Sara was an ambitious college student, with a passion for gifting, who sent a very savvy cold outreach to yours truly.

(I still have the email. :-) )

She was offered a part time job. And was tasked with an ambiguous assignment.

“See if you can build a digital GIFT∙OLOGY community, that attracts generous & intelligent people, who help each other grow their businesses, via relationships.”

The rules were: NO Facebook groups (LOL). MUST have a gifting component. And MUST cater to the DIY (Do It Yourself) gifter.

Not our agency clients – many of whom hire us to take work off their plates.

In short: this was a place for up-and-coming industry leaders. Not JUST industry leaders themselves.

“First time I’m hearing about this – how did it go?”

Well… I think the goal in year 1 was to see if Sara could get 50 people. Last I checked? The membership was in the 700s. Making it, to our knowledge, the largest business gifting community in North America.

Kudos to Sara.

And SO MANY KUDOS to the amazing community ambassadors, whose vision of helping, supporting, and caring for one another outpaced even my own. 

I could list several dozen names here. But at the risk of leaving anybody out – my style is more to work them into emails, conversations, and maybe even the occasional gift.

Praise is nice, But treats are better. Ha.

“Wait a minute. That Sara gal was… a college student??” 

Yup. :-)

Hard to believe. The great Vicki Reid (and many others) thought Sara was in her mid-thirties. Which is a testimony to Sara’s professionalism, intelligence, passion-for-learning, and ESPECIALLY her intensity-for-helping business leaders win with relationships.

Soooo… after a multi-year audition, much success with G&G, helping countless professionals in multitudes of industries, the occasional conference, and her SOMEHOW doing all this, part-time, while being part of a sorority, operating a non-profit, getting near-perfect grades, working a FORTUNE 100 internship, and interviewing for her first-job out-of-college…?!?

We, by the grace of God, sent her a Cutco knife. And were able to recruit her.

(Haha. Ok, there’s more to the story than that. But Cutco is sweet.)

“So is GIFT & GROW SOCIETY gone now?? What gives?”

  1. NO. Far from it. GIFT & GROW isjust getting started.
  • A new software engine – we are hosting on Circle.
  • New infrastructure – ASK & SHARE all things GIFT∙OLOGY.
  • New mobile app – on both iPhone and Android.
  • FULL TIME community strategist – part time no more!
  • Available to ALL. FOR THE PRICE OF *NO COST*

“AWESOME! When will the old G&G SOCIETY be shut down?”

Great question. Likely sometime in Q2/Q3, when we’re certain everyone that wants to transition has.

(And you are going to want to transition.)

(Yeah, yeah. Another mobile app, another password. But you’ll see. :-) )

“Where is the old content going?? There was GOLD in there!”

There sure was. Which is why we transitioned ALL the old content over to the new Circle community. You don’t think we’re gonna let gems like this or this… or baby gift roll downs… just disappear??

Heck no.

“Will the new G&G SOCIETY cost anything?”

NO. The decision has been made to keep the GIFT & GROW SOCIETY free.Which is something we never planned on doing once Sara got it going.

But plans change. And so now?

The GIFT & GROW SOCIETY is for DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifters that want to ASK and SHARE gift execution, campaigns, results, and get advice from a community of passionate moment makers.

It’s available to any-and-all relationship minded professionals:

  • You, who are reading these words.
  • Small business owners. Salespreneurs & 1099s.
  • Enterprise owners and executives, with a passion for DIY gifting, not just delegating.
  • Executive assistants, integrators, and operators.

If you cannot be an agency client of GIFT∙OLOGY – either because of cost, industry, resources, etc – the GIFT & GROW SOCIETY is the next best thing.

Direct access to our team. And other passionate, intelligent, leaders. Who are willing to share their wins, losses, and expertise in the realm of… well, gifting & growing the bottom line.


“Sounds great. What’s the catch?”

Part of the move to Circle… and part of bringing Sara onto the team full time… is so our company can go much deeper with DIY gifters.

Tradtionally these businesses leaders:

  • Are under 11M in annual revenue (typically).
  • Rely on word-of-mouth as a primary lead driver.
  • Create and maintain the majority of company relationships.
  • Would prefer to deal LESS with traditional marketing.
  • And deal MORE with needle-moving VIPs.

Focusing energy on the WHO not the HOW, as Dan Sullivan might say. 10x, not 2x.

So while the GIFT & GROW SOCIETY is an outstanding place to discuss gifting (did I mention no cost?), the business leader above needs more than just gift ideas.

They need savvy communication. They need operationalized process.

And they need R.I.C.H. relationships.

“What are R.I.C.H. relationships?”

Our core belief = Relationships can take you places that traditional marketing can’t.

  • Access to revenue, opportunities, and deal-flow.
  • The best efforts of powerful referral partners, on your behalf.
  • Loyalty of clients, partners, and employees that money can’t buy.

R.I.C.H. relationships are all that and more. Not just because they make you FEEL rich (they do). Not only because they’ll MAKE YOU rich (they do that too).

They are your core inner circle, a source of joy & enthusiasm, your best business friends, and maybe even your best non-business friends as well.

They are:

*R*ECIPROCAL – both parties feel like they’re winning. Like they’re getting more out of it than the other person. Which perpetuates appreciation and affection. And eliminates scorekeeping.

*I*NFLUENTIAL – these individuals hear your best ideas first. You love to brainstorm with, get advice from, and reciprocate with them in kind. Such respect is a non-romantic version of intimacy.

*C*ONNECTED – shared values, not just shared interests. A willingness for shoulder-to-shoulder adventure and investing time in both good times and bad. YOUR people.

*H*UMBLE – people that ask more questions and do more listening than preaching, bragging, or complaining. Vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s a conduit for deeper trust.

I’ll never forget pouring my heart out to a ‘friend.’ Who, as I was spilling my beans, kept looking at his phone.

Contrast that with my (now) business partner, Rod. Who sits and listens. And asks questions. And, in a few words (as Rod often does) communicates a bottomless well of empathy and understanding.

If you’re dealing with a person or team that can’t handle your honesty, you have to question if they can handle your business.

… … …

*** The R.I.C.H. RELATIONSHIP SOCIETY is a premium (paid) annual membership. Where individuals have access to all our playbooks, checklists, gift catalogs, and training to build the BEST relationships of their professional lives. ***

 Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are in the relationship business.

Which has gotten harder, thanks to impersonal technologies and the residue of a global pandemic.

Our (first) goal is to help 1,000 business leaders break their dependencies on traditional marketing. And transform themselves financially, mentally, and emotionally thru the power of referral partners and R.I.C.H. relationships.

Where can I go to learn more about R.I.C.H. relationship society?

If you are an agency client? You can reply to this email with questions. :-)

Or reach out to Kami or Carissa (of course).

For non-agency clients, the goal of this communication wasn’t to pitch. But to announce our excitement for 2024 and beyond. To communicate how we are up-leveling to serve our community at a higher level.

And to live our mission of genuine relationship over marketing tactics.

Hopefully these two tools –G&G and R.I.C.H.– will help you do just that.

… … …


And download the mobile app:  iPhone  ||  Android

… … …

OR: book a call with Sara Hardwick to audit your referral process:

  • Sara = GIFT∙OLOGY’s community relationship strategist.
  • Discover new partner opportunities & hidden gems.
  • Explore 3 systems of a worldclass process.
  • Maximize & energize the value of each partner.
  • Learn about the R.I.C.H. RELATIONSHIP SOCIETY.

Go here to schedule a (no cost) strategy call.

… … …

This has been MANY YEARS in the making.

Let’s use the power of relationships to make 2024 our (collective) best years YET.

-John Ruhlin