7 Employee Appreciation Gifts that will Build Loyalty

The Great Resignation.

That’s what history is going to refer to this period in time where almost nearly 4 million people are resigning from their job each month.

According to Glassdoor.com one of the biggest reasons that people leave their job is because they feel underappreciated.

So not only are you losing valuable contributors to your team, it’s costing your business a lot of money.  

Studies show that replacing an employee can cost up to 6-9 months of that employee’s salary.  So an employee making $60,000 a year will cost $30,000 to $45,000.

At GIFTOLOGY, we have found that a gifting campaign that shows your appreciation for your employees is a great way to build loyalty and keep your A-players around for a very long time.

The 7 Key Ingredients When Buying Gifts for Employees

Now that you know why it’s valuable to show your employees some love, let’s talk about some of the seven ingredients that will make up a successful gifting campaign and endear your team members to you.

1. Practical

Make sure your gift is beneficial to the recipient. A gift that can be used daily (or at least 3-5 times a week) is unquestionably more valuable than a fancy item that practically has no use.

2. Personalized

To stand out from the crowd, create some personalization in your gift.  This can be done with an origin story for the gift, or giving it some sort of personalized branding.

3. Best-in-class

You absolutely can not compromise the quality in any way. Our test is that if it can’t be an heirloom passed down from generation to generation, then it’s not best-in-class.

4. Luxury

A luxury item doesn’t necessarily mean buying a Lambo.  It means getting them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate a lot if given to them.

5. Handwritten Notes

Don’t underestimate the value of personalizing your message by hand-delivering it or penning a handwritten note clarifying your intentions. Notes are always a way to add a special touch to anything.

6. Including Inner Circle

Another point to remember when giving a gift is how you can make it useful for the recipient’s family. 

7. Create Continuity

Try to create a theme or pattern with your gifts. In this way, you can make sure that the customers are looking forward to getting your gift. Multiple gifts can snowball an emotional impact on the customers.

7 Highly Effective Employee Appreciation Gifts


A beautifully designed cutlery set is one of the best gifts to show an employee how appreciated they are.

But let’s not confuse this with a generic set that you’ll get at Costco or Walmart.

These are the type of cutlery sets that are going to last forever.  Your employee’s grandkids are going to be fighting over who inherits them.

A cutlery set is also very practical.  It will be used several times per day – as members of the family use it to prepare their meals.  

This means that you will be including your employee’s inner circle.  Their significant others are also going to think fondly of you each time they use the knife.

And you can personalize the cutlery set by engraving the knives with a message that says thank you.

Refresh Glass

One of the great benefits of a practical and unique gift is that it is a conversation starter.  

When your employees have their friends over, they won’t be able to help themselves from engaging in a conversation about the glasses.  

Your employee can tell them the story of how the glasses are made from recycled bottles, show them the personalized engravement, and tell them what a great boss you are.

Your gift is giong to be a better recruiting tool than any HR manager could possibly be.


Glassybaby is another glassware company that we’ve really grown to love.

Each glass, rocker, and candle is hand-made by a professional glassblower in their Seattle shop.  So when you give a Glassybaby as a gift, you can be sure that you are giving a one-of-a-kind item.

Here’s what John Hall, had this to say about GlassBaby

“I was given a Glassybaby votive from the company’s founder after we met at an event and she said she wanted to work with my company. My wife fell in love with the product and constantly mentions it to me. I’m a believer in the “Happy wife, happy life” principle, and when my wife is happy, I have warm feelings about the person who gave her that gift. I’ve worked with the founder on different projects since, and I can’t see myself ever not advocating for Glassybaby.”



If your employees travel a lot, then the gift of luggage may be absolutely invaluable.

And if there’s one thing everyone hwo travels extensively, is that it is not kind on your luggage.  

A well-crafted luggage set, designed to stand the test of time, will be one of the best gifts you can get for an employee to show your appreciation.

Luggage is practical.  It might not be used 3 to 5 times per week, but if they have to travel a lot, your employee can easily use it 3 to 5 times per month.

It can be part of a continuity theme.

You can buy someone a small travel bag when they complete a project or sign a new client.

Then you can graduate to buying the overhead piece when they’ve spent several late nights in the office.

And finally, you can complete the set and purchase the bigger check-in bag just to show them how much you love and value them as an important member of the team.

Aura Frames

Every employee keeps pictures of their family in their office. 

An Aura Frame will be the perfect gift for the employee who wants to bring a little bit of home to work.

Every time they look at their Aura frame and see a new picture, they will think warmly of the person who gave it to them. 

An Aura Frame will allow your employees to upload pictures from their phone in real-time, curate the pictures into albums, and eliminate any duplicate or blurry pictures.

Virtual Experience

Let your employee know that you appreciate their business by offering them and their spouse a virtual experience.

Imagine your employee and their spouse doing a joint cooking class in the evening.  Or if they love wine, you can give them a wine tasting class from a sommelier.

Experiences are memories that will last a lifetime and people will always think back fondly on the experiences they’ve shared with their family and friends.  

And if you’re the one who contributed to that experience, you will be forever in their heart – and building that relationship with them.

Now, when you talk to them, they can tell you all about the dish they learned how to prepare, or the new wine they tasted.

There are numerous companies that offer virtual experiences that can blow your team’s socks off.  Everything from appreciation dinners to zoom trivia and more.  Contact us 1 on one for recommendations.

LSTN Music Accessories

lstn music

When your employees are locked in deep work, chances are they are listening to their favorite playlist.  

In fact, studies show people who listen to music while working are more productive. 

We’ve included LSTN music accessories here because for us, personalization also includes unique origin stories.  

When you give someone a LSTN Music accessory, you can be assured of two things:

First, it is made with a sustainable material such as Zebrawood.

And second, proceeds of each item you purchase will go to helping someone purchase hearing aids so someone can hear for the first time.

To date, the company has donated over 50,000 hearing aids through the proceeds of their headphones.

Final Words

These are 7 amazing gifts to give to your employees to show that you appreciate them.

Instead of being a victim of the Great Resignation and letting fantastic employees go because they didn’t feel appreciated, embark on a gifting campaign that will keep them around.

When an employee leaves your business, replacing that employee will cost 6 to 9 months of that person’s salary – assuming you get a person to deliver the same caliber of work.

An employee gifting campaign can have one of the highest ROI’s in your business.

To sign up for a free consultation to see if an employee gift strategy will help you grow your business, click here, fill out the form, and tell us a little bit about your business.