10 Corporate Gift Ideas to Give to Your VIPs

How do you reduce churn while also demonstrating your commitment and appreciation to your clients? The answer is simple: In addition to a good product and excellent customer service, you need to drill down on corporate gifts.

But the VIPs on your gifting list aren’t only limited to loyal clients, long-time customers, or big spenders. Valuable employees within your own company are also VIPs worth appreciating.

Luxury corporate gifts are the go-to for impressing or showing that supreme level of care to business connections, vendors, clients, and employees.

Corporate gifts for VIPs can cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. But the ROI these gifts will bring you in the form of client retention, commitment, and referrals would be invaluable for your company.

10 Corporate Gift Ideas for your VIPs

1. Subscriptions

Getting a subscription for your VIPs can be a gift that keeps on giving, especially in this pandemic. 

Instead of quickly consumed snacks or meaningless trinkets, subscriptions for online learning platforms, streaming platforms, or even gift boxes give recipients an experience they’ll always remember.

Consider a subscription gift card to online learning platforms like SkillShare, Masterclass, Coursera, or Udemy to give your VIPs the chance to hone their cooking, photography, or software development skills. 

Besides, subscriptions for streaming platforms are always an option, but getting the VIPs subscribed to monthly gift boxes can supply them with various goodies – from customized snacks, wine and brewing kits, pet supplies, and even high-end toiletries and perfumes.

2. Pens

Because pens are an everyday tool in the office, they make an excellent and useful corporate gift for business partners, employees, and clients. Pens can also be used to accent an executive’s attire.

As a corporate gift for the VIPs, a branded pen can be a stylish and useful addition to the recipient’s collection- making it one of the greatest luxury conventional corporate presents. There are also a plethora of design possibilities to pick from.

You can also customize a pen to add a personal touch to this high-end corporate gift. For a unique corporate present, include the recipient’s name and a personal message on the pen. This will give your recipient’s desk a touch of professionalism and elegance.

3. Headphones 


Photo by SplitShire from Pexels

You can hardly exaggerate the value of a good pair of headphones in today’s open office environment. Gifting high-quality headphones as corporate gifts will make the recipient remember you every time they use the headphones for online meetings or drown out the office noise to focus on work.

Available from different brands and prices, these headphones also come with features such as noise cancellation, voice assistance, or gesture controls – making them great additions to your corporate gift ideas list.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

From playing music to plugging in a microphone for making announcements, Bluetooth speakers today can do it all.

Recipients can also use the speakers for office functions, personal affairs, or a mix of both. With many well-known brands and price ranges to choose from, Bluetooth speakers can make for some very practical and portable corporate gifts for your VIPs

5. Coffee or Tea Blends

coffee beans

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You can’t possibly go wrong with a high-quality coffee blend. Besides bringing the finest blends in one box for your VIPs to enjoy, these delicious gifts also come with engraved mugs and coasters and even brewing appliances and additional snacks to accompany the warm drink. 

And if the recipient prefers tea, tea tins or tea caddies can make the perfect corporate gift.

Available in various designs and packed with the finest blends, tea caddies, tea tins, and coffee blend gift boxes are ideal for customers, clients, employees, and suppliers alike.

6. E-readers


Photo by özgür uzun from Pexels

Many executives and professionals maintain a regular reading habit. If your VIP is an avid reader, they will surely appreciate an E-reader to have all their reading material with them on the go. 

Coming in a variety of sizes, functionalities, price ranges, and brands to choose from, E-readers can make for a thoughtful as well as useful corporate gift.

7. Decanter Sets

Decanter whiskey and barware sets make excellent corporate presents for whiskey connoisseurs who want to show off their valued collection. Furthermore, they are a stylish addition to your recipient’s collection, and the ornament looks fantastic on their bar counter, making it a high-end corporate gift.

A premium decanter set expresses your gratitude to an employee, loyal business partners, or valued clients. With this traditional gift, you can never go wrong. 

8. Engraved Watches and Clocks

While premium watches and clocks are popular choices for corporate gifts, consider engraved or monogrammed varieties to make your VIPs feel even more special. With such thoughtful and practical gifts, your company is sure to cross the recipient’s mind whenever they turn to check the time.

9.  Cutlery

Cutlery has several built-in advantages as a great corporate gift.

First, it is extremely practical.  Cutlery is used multiple times every single day.  Your recipient will be able to think of you frequently.

Second, it is used by every single member of the household.  So not only will you be in the hearts and minds of your prospect, employee, or customer, you will be in the heart and mind of their significant other as well.

And finally, you can personalize cutlery.  Imagine a nice engraving that lets the recipient know how much you mean to them.

10.  Luggage

By providing luggage to professionals who frequently travel for business trips and conferences, you can become an integral part of their travel experience. You can start with a carry-on bag, then move into a small piece to stow away, and complete the set with the large bag that gets checked.

With luggage as part of your overall gifting strategy, you will be able to be a part of your recipient’s travel experience.

Curating the Right Corporate Gift for your VIPs

Gifting the right thing is always a challenge, especially in the high-stakes of a corporate scenario. Finding the right gift at the right price can be especially tricky to maximize your ROI while also leaving a lasting impression. 

Whether for clients or employees, consulting a professional takes some of the burdens off your shoulders, with added gift budget auditing services, strategies to build company loyalty and increase current ROI. That’s where GIFT•OLOGY comes in to help you be wiser with your corporate gift budget. 

Other than professional consultation, there are a few general guidelines to follow with your corporate gifts for VIPs:

Don’t Limit Your Appreciation to Holidays Only

Don’t wait until the holidays to send your corporate gifts.  Send gestures of gratitude to appreciate your VIPs throughout the year. That way, you can avoid becoming lost in the sea of gift baskets that start to flood during the holidays.

Furthermore, it will show your VIPs that you care about them all year, not just for special occasions. Therefore, sending an “off-season” present could not only help you stand out but also make your mark.

Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to corporate gifts for VIPs, it’s easy to consider a bigger price tag to make for a better gift. But it’s always wise to consider the return on investment for every corporate gift you send.

Make a rough estimate of your ROI from your recipients. Don’t spend more than what you can get. 

Add that Personal Touch to Your Corporate Gifts

Opting for the same gift for all your VIPs may seem more convenient, but it’s a rookie mistake. There’s always the risk of sending the inappropriate gift to a VIP, such as animal products-based food boards to vegans or wine bottle sets for non-alcoholics.

To ensure your gift makes your way to your recipient’s heart (and to save your present from ending up in the trash), always consider the recipient’s preferences, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Other than personally curated gifts, customized presents with the recipient’s name on them are always a safe bet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Gift Ideas for VIPs

1. What kind of gift is right for a VIP client?

A VIP client will almost always receive the most expensive, high-end gift that you can afford. But the goal is to make sure that the gift has at least an indirect return on investment. 

2. How much should be spent on high-end gifts for VIPs?

The cost of high-end gifts can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But the most important component of corporate gifting for VIPs is keeping in minutes’ usefulness as well as your potential ROI for the gift. 

3. What are some good corporate gift ideas for VIPs in 2021?

Corporate gift ideas in 2021 capitalize on the hybrid workplace trend of working part-time at the office and part-time from home.

The gift, on the other hand, does not need to be related to work. Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and engraved culinary sets could be considered luxury corporate gifts.

4. What should be included in a corporate gift box for VIPs?

A corporate gift box can include a variety of things- from gadgets to culinary sets, decanter bottles, or goods relating to your clients’ hobbies, such as golf, cooking, or gardening. 

5. Should I put logos on corporate gifts for VIPs?

Not necessarily. Investing in corporate gifts with a logo can be a good approach to strengthen the receiver’s ties to your company, but it shouldn’t be your top-most priority.

If the goods are high quality, serve a purpose, and as a bonus, consider your client’s hobbies and interests – the gift is sure to leave a lasting impression.