10 Corporate Gifts for Employees To Show Your Gratitude

A company is nothing without its people. Whether you run a small business or a multibillion-dollar enterprise, your employees are critical to your success, and you want to do more than just pay them a wage to express your gratitude.

This is where gifts for your employees come in. It reflects your acknowledgment for your employees and marks your appreciation or goodwill. To genuinely demonstrate your appreciation, customize corporate gifts for employees with company colors, a theme, or a personal touch.

While the concept is simple enough, choosing a useful, thoughtful, and memorable gift can be a difficult task. So, here are 12 corporate gift ideas that will show how much you care about your employees:

 1. Cork Pops

If you have an employee who is a wine aficionado, then a cork pop is an incredibly practical gift to give to them.

Each time they open a bottle of wine, they will be able to use the cork pop that you gave them and think about you and how much you care for them.

Imagine how impressed your employees’ friends will be when they see how cool this gift is.

2.  Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way to stay top of mind on your client or prospect every month. Whether you’re providing a Skillshare account where your employee can level up their skills, or you can present your employees with a subscription to self-development platforms like SkillShare, Masterclass, Coursera, or Udemy so they can improve their cooking, photography, or software development talents.

If you’re looking for a great subscription gifting service, our team uses and recommends PK’s Gift Closet. The founder sends you high-quality gifts for your gift closet. That way you’re never caught without something to give to a VIP.

3.  Cutlery

Cutlery is an ideal gift for several reasons. First, it is something that is going to be used every single day. This will reinforce the idea that you truly care about the recipient on a daily basis.

Second, you can personalize the set with the recipient’s name or a nice inscription telling them how much they mean to you.

And finally, everyone in the house will use it spreading your good will not only to the recipient, but to each member of the household.

4.  Remote Working Kits

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. As a result, a work-from-home gift box can be the ideal corporate present for workers. A remote working gift box can be made up of a variety of products to create an office atmosphere at home while still allowing for teleworking.

Choose from headphones, foldable lap desks, webcams, pen sets, screen wipes, and more for the contents. Employees will be especially thankful if you can add some variety to their work-at-home routine with your gift.

5. Varidesk

If you have a star employee who works from home, one of the best ways to keep them happy is to improve their work space.

Who wants to sit at a desk all day when they can simply press a button and the desk rises to a standing height?

As your employee is working at their Varidesk while working, they can be assured that their employer actually cares about their physical well being.

This comes with added loyalty from your star employee and increased productivity.  

6.  Headphones


Photo by Karol D from Pexels

In today’s open working atmosphere, the importance of a good pair of headphones cannot be overstated. When you send good-quality headphones as a corporate gift, your employees will remember you every time they use them for online meetings or to drown out the office noise. 

These headphones, which come in a variety of brands and prices and include features like noise cancellation, voice assistance, and gesture controls, are wonderful additions to your employee gift ideas list.

7.  Speakers 

Bluetooth speakers also make for some great corporate gifts for employees. These gadgets help receivers in a variety of ways, including playing music and plugging in a microphone to make announcements. Your employees can also use the speakers for office functions, personal uses, or a combination of both. Bluetooth speakers make for incredibly useful and portable presents, with a variety of well-known brands and pricing ranges to pick from.

8.  Digital Photo Frame

A digital picture frame is ideal for sentimental people who treasure their favorite memories. The recipients of such a gift can use these gadgets to store and display their favorite images and videos. Fill a digital picture frame with images of the recipient’s favorite memories from their time at your company, and you’ll have a cherished corporate gift for your employee.

9.  Unique Experiences (virtual events)

I hate lame team-building events that cut into evenings and weekends. But what about ‘put work on pause, and let’s do lunch together.’ My favorite experience doing this? WorkPlayJam.com.

The events are an exceptional value. And they are FUN. Our team did one this past February. And we’re still talking about it. Without spoiling anything:

  • I would liken it to a GAME SHOW experience. 😊
  • The people who say ‘I’m not competitive’ are exposed as liars.
  • Learn new things, build memories, and involve everyone.

The owner of the company is Kristi Herold. She pivoted the company when the pandemic hit, won a 2020 RBC Canadian Entrepreneur Award, and was a 2021 Momentum Finalist. Amazing story. Bottom-line: she’s incredible, the events are incredible.

A great gift for the whole team.

10.  Luggage

You can become a vital part of an employee’s travel experience by giving them a good quality luggage. For frequent business travelers and conference attendees, such a corporate gift is useful and thoughtful indeed. A duffel bag is a stylish piece of luggage that is excellent for important business trips or family vacations.

Curating the Right Corporate Gift for your Employees 

Finding the proper gift, especially one that can increase employee productivity and loyalty, is never easy. Finding the right gift at the right price to optimize your ROI while also making a lasting impression might be even more difficult.

When looking for corporate gifts for employees, consulting a professional is a good option. This takes some weight off your shoulder, as well as providing gift budget auditing services, ideas to boost existing ROI, and more. That’s where GIFT•OLOGY comes in to help you be wiser with your corporate gifting tactics. 

Other than professional consultation, there are a few general guidelines to follow with your corporate gifts for employees:

  • Personalize Your Gifts: Opting for the same gift for all your employees may seem more convenient, but it’s a rookie mistake. There’s always the risk of sending the inappropriate gift to a receiver, for example, animal products-based food boards to vegans or wine bottle sets for non-alcoholics. To maximize the impact of your corporate gift (and to save your present from ending up in the trash), try to consider the recipient’s preferences, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Other than personally curated gifts, customized presents with a handwritten note or even the recipient’s name on them are always a safe bet.
  • Don’t Turn Gifts into Company Promos: The goal of a corporate gift is to thank your employees and offer a sincere gesture to show gratitude. riddled all over with the company logo. It’s natural to want to add your company name and logo to corporate gifts for employees. While a small company logo on the gift might seem harmless, it would be better if you stayed away from making your gift a marketing piece.
  • Don’t Compromise on Quality: Once you start planning the corporate gifts, the first thing to do is decide on a budget. Whether you have a sizable or restrained budget, there are many great corporate gift options you can opt from without breaking the bank. It’s perfectly fine to have a limited budget, but it’s not OK to compromise on the quality of the gift. Since gifts for employees may directly impact the reputation of your company, make sure not to skimp on quality.
  • Don’t Limit the Appreciation to the Holidays: Don’t wait until the holidays to send your corporate gifts. Send gestures of gratitude to appreciate your employees throughout the year. That way you can avoid becoming lost in the sea of gift baskets that start to flood in during the holidays. Furthermore, it will show your employees that you care about them all year, not just for special occasions. Be it a promotion, or a birthday, sending an “off-season” present helps you stand out and also make your mark. 
  • Don’t Overspend: When it comes to corporate gifts, it’s easy to consider a bigger price tag to make for a better gift. But it’s always wise to consider the return on investment, even for corporate gifts you send your employees. Spend on gifts in proportion to the employee’s contribution, seniority, achievements, and quality of work to avoid it looking like a bribe.

If you’re looking for a gift to send to your employees, then contact us to set up a free consultation.  We’ll make sure that your employees feel appreciated, respected, and stay loyal to you for the long term.